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Global standards of attractiveness have evidently been established.  Native or ethnic looks are losing popularity, it seems.  People the world over are seeking surgical correction of their looks.  A medical facility in Korea, Cinderella Plastic Surgery Global Cosmetic Surgery Group, announces:  Cinderella will help you have the appearance you’ve been always dreamed of. In order to realize everyone’s dream of getting everlasting beauty, Cinderella is making progress with continuous passion and effort. Everyone in the world is considering Korea's Plastic Surgery as one of the best.  And they are coming to Korea in order to receive quality medical service.  Cinderella pursues the original, the best, and the differentiation:

Cinderella surgery Cinderella surgery
Cinderella surgery Cinderella surgery

Breast surgery:  Now women's breast is no longer a symbol of femininity and it became important factor that decides one's image.

Hips:  When hip muscle is not drooped and rose upwards properly it can make beautiful body contour.  Especially sagged hips can make legs look shorter and it makes you not look much stylish with skinny jeans.

Nose:  Cinderella's rhinoplasty creates ideal nose shape for your face ... when your face doesn't have 3-dimensional effect.

Jaws:  The square [jaw] makes one's face looks big because his mandible is wide and angular.  In this case we slim your angular chin to correct it into natural V-line face.  The sophisticated and precise surgery became possible because our medical staffs check the surgical site themselves during surgery.



Autistic behavior

A very interesting point made by Jon Rappoport of ... His April 10, 2017 post: There is no defining diagnostic test for autism. No defining physical test.  No blood test, saliva test, urine test, brain scan, genetic assay.  Autism is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the bible of the psychiatric profession.  The definition of autism is basically a menu of behaviors.  There is no defining diagnostic test.  You'll find, in the official lexicon, other names for various so-called "developmental neurological disorders," too.  And none of them in the DSM have defining diagnostic tests, either.

Thus, in the eyes of the law, parents who make a legal claim that their child is autistic as a result of vaccine damage have no right to compensation, as autism cannot be "proven." 

Read entire post here.





Fake news is relentlessly putting out stories whose themes focus on racism and mental illness.  Homeless man (mentally ill?) brings down I-85 in Atlanta (see here); Indian American shot in Olathe, Kansas (see here).  "We're all humans," says Ian Grillot, the hero of this event, who counted the shot/bullets before he decided to intervene (who does that?) and, when shot himself, experienced another of the most magical bullet trajectories -- first shot in the hand, bullet then enters the left side of his chest, collapses a lung, just misses his carotid artery and finally severs a vertebra in his neck.  Note that he says: "I didn't want the gentleman to potentially go after somebody else ..." Gentleman?  A shooter is not this.  Potentially go after?  One doesn't dance around potentiality in such situations ... Why this vocabulary?  It's manicured speech, not natural word selection after being through trauma, and, he is well enough to give an interview the very next day ... hardly possible if you have suffered this much internal body damage, according to non-fake-news experts. 


Wife's statements below: "I need an answer from the government -- what they're gonna do to stop this hate crime."  Note: in two weeks, Srinivas Kuchibhotla would have celebrated his 33rd birthday.






Geoengineering is embraced by experts at Harvard as necessary to protect the earth from climate change and global warming.  Deflection of sunlight by way of artificial cloud cover (the intention, which is plainly already being carried out) will only activate spores, molds, fungi -- the earth's decomposers and detritivores -- inducing increased biological breakdown, which is what these organisms are designed to do.



Please listen to my interview with Mike Williams on Biological Darkness to understand what this is about:




An Indian boy, Akrit Jaswal, considered to be a medical genius by locals, relieved the fused fingers of a girl by surgical separation when he was only seven years old.  With the highest IQ in India and the wish to cure each and every human disease, his story is told here:






This 4-part series of videos explains why colonoscopies are unsafe, actually causing 15,000 deaths per year in America alone.  Dr. Joseph Mercola's article also covers what you need to know; read it here.