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Driverless cars ... are timid.  They go well below the speed limit.  They hesitate at stop signs for minutes at a time.  They invite aggression from human drivers, and many flips of the bird (Road Rage).  And they talk to each other  -- other driverless cars.  Oy vey!

Listen to this commentary; think about who is meeting with whom ... and why.  The rioting and chaos we are witnessing is sourced and shaped by federal contracts (and accompanying scripts) to bring in militarization and the police state.  This is all possible with government by commerce, not government by and for the people.  (Listen to this interview to learn more.)

More dubiosity exuded by another "massacre," this time by a truck and its driver.  Read this article by a 24-year-career police officer, Scott Alexander, who says, with complete certainty: I know what a crime scene looks like ... and it looks nothing like what you have just witnessed.  You cannot have more than 100 mangled bodies dragged through a city street by a semi truck without there also being trails of blood and body parts.  It's simply impossible.

Bastille Day event

A photographer calls the Netherlands Department of the Environment and learns that geoengineering is confirmed ... how much is the only present official debate ... and the department relies on research by established scientists only.  "We have no motive to look further" is the repeated position.

Maybe this is what millions in federal grant money gets you in the mood for!  Lots of people have expressed shock at the Orlando Sheriff's Office video produced in the wake of the Pulse nightclub shooting, but not that many have seen the hospital video.  Talk about scripted and crazy!  Watch:

prostate examWe have all heard that as men get older their prostate gland may enlarge, causing pressure on the bladder and frequent urination.  Medicine's answer to this problem is a surgical procedure called TURP, or trans-urethral prostate resection.  They like to say it's "minimally invasive" and it almost sounds like they shift the gland (normally the size of a walnut, but it can get a lot bigger) so it no longer causes pressure, but that's not the case!  Prostate resection surgery is literally a whittling down by burning (cauterizing) the prostate to reduce its size -- hence the "relief" one supposedly gets.

What does the prostate do?  It manufactures one of the fluids that makes up 30% of semen (read more here).  "Enlarged" is another word for "inflamed."  Glands become inflamed when they are malfunctioning, nutrient deficient, diseased; inflammation is the body's way of opening up tissues and blood vessels for better transport of repair materials to an injured or damaged site.  Why does modern medicine shave the prostate down instead of addressing the root cause of prostate inflammation?  Iodine deficiency is one reason why the thyroid and reproductive glands develop problems, and there are natural ways to much more successfully deal with prostate problems -- time to do your own research!  (An iodine flyer can be found here.)

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook killerBy 422-2 (on July 7th)!  Wide margin is an understatement.  Thanks to Adam Lanza, "The Families in Mental Health Crisis Act aims to improve access to treatment before the mentally ill wind up in crisis," writes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Senator Tim Murphy (R) of Pennsylvania was the main force behind the bill (H.R. 2646): "The legislation is Mr. Murphy's answer to the problem of gun violence caused by mentally ill people in crisis.  It still must pas the Senate, which has its own version.  Differences would have to be worked out in a conference committee."

Overall, we are on the march to increased mental health services (and licensed "experts"), much more testing and evaluation of children and adults for "tendencies" and signs of "mental illness," very strict control of firearms/gun permits -- all in the name of government "protection."  Read more here and here; see more about the debate in the previous post.