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The 2016 Olympics were a push for the Brazilian government to make some changes in Rio ...

This video, hard as it is to understand in terms of the spoken narrative, is taking the Internet by storm.  Where are we, really?  What are our mountains and trees?  As it unfolds, you will realize that our current forests are merely seedlings compared to what was once here; the things we calls mountains really are -- ancient trees and forests.  There's much more and it's all a big WOW indeed, but there's nothing like stretching your mind and stepping into a whole new paradigm.  (This video has a closed-caption option, to make it easier to understand)

This version was created with an English voiceover:

The FCC has approved 5G technology for America.  Words from Chairman Tom Wheeler (formerly the wireless industry's chief lobbyist) at a June 20, 2016 press conference:  5G will use much higher frequency bands (24 GHz to 100+ GHz), antennas that can aim and amplify signals, massive deployment of small cells, tens of billions of dollars in economic activity, hundreds of billions of microchips ... if something CAN be connected, it WILL be connected ... unlike other countries, we won't wait for the standards.  (Read more here.)

Tom Wheeler, FCC chairman

"Connection" is not just about fast Internet and communication. It's also about collecting data; the claim to "better serve you" is a mask for consumer differentiation that enables different rates for different folks ... and then there's the surveillance aspect AND the health aspect.  GigaHertz (GHz) stands for "billion Hertz," meaning one billion cycles (frequency) per second.  Living organisms, including the human body and brain, are accustomed to planetary frequencies of 7-12 Hz -- compare this to billions of cycles per second!  We are talking about cell-shattering forces: When cell membranes are destroyed, the cell literally "crashes" -- critical enzymes and proteins are lost and cells sicken or perish at rapid rates.  A dying cell may become cancerous as it attempts to defend itself by way of glycolysis (look it up) and endless division/eproduction (a tumor).

The 5G rollout, with its "massive deployment of small cells," looks like the start of Artemis (wireless "hunting") technology ... see my earlier post here.

We all remember the Peter Sellers / Shirley MacLaine film Being There (1979), but few of us probably understood what it was really about.  Here is a good analysis:

You may need to go through this video more than once, but if you are at all interested in phases of the moon, how the sun and moon circle in our sky, and what the moon is made of, this is the first NEW conversation that brings these things to light.  The theories are presented by Cami and Bob Knodal; Cami has been developing her working model of magnetic "planetary" lines for over a year.

Moonlight and sunlight are distinctly different, as many of us have observed.  The moon is not in fact a reflector of the sun's light; rather, it gives off its own phosphorescent glow as a result of the sun's light.  Watch and listen and stretch your brain!

Lee Cowden, MD is Dr. Joseph Mercola's personal physician.  Years ago, exposed to pollens and similar allergens upon relocating to attend medical school, he suffered terribly but none of the medical-school experts could get him better.  It was his elderly grandmother who came to visit and dragged him to the health-food store where she bought vitamins and herbs, taught him how to use them, and to his amazement, his allergies disappeared!  This began a lifelong practice in what is called integrative medicine -- combining Western and other modalities for better results.  Dr. Cowden now has an institute and provides a curriculum available to any and all for further studies in innovative/integrative healing.

In North Korea, treason is punished by sequestration in prisoner camps (see video below), and entire families of offenders are included, as an extra dis-incentivizing measure.

Now watch this video, directed by Veronica Ciandre, for contrast and a change of view: