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At this year's Rio Olympics, dancer and snowboarder Amy Purdy performed with her two bionic legs and feet, wooing and being wooed by a robotic arm called Kuka.  Note that Amy herself is only part machine, due to a double amputation from meningitis-caused septic shock at the age of 19.  It was since then that Amy became a champion snowboarder and multi-talented human; see more here.  This dance embraces humanity's coexistence with machines:



To hear an interview with Amy Purdy (actually very interesting and inspiring), click here.





Once upon a time, children learned from teachers in a schoolroom.  The future we are looking at will eliminate teachers altogether -- and textbooks -- with Google and the Internet becoming the world's Source of Knowledge.  In addition, technology's ability to store every click and word typed by your child, and to assess and collate this information, will generate a new equation: Children = data for sale.  Read more here ...



Very astute insights from a person who works in I.T. and has observed it for many years.  



Visit Randy Maugans' website



Is it fair to allow men who now call themselves women to compete against biological women?  Hands are bigger, legs are longer, muscle mass is greater ... but the Olympics will pretty much be allowing anyone who identifies as anything to compete as anything!



Once again, insecticides are being sprayed through airplane cabins -- in flight -- supposedly to protect passengers' health.  This was done from the 1950s through the '90s on international flights returning from Africa and Asia (see post here), and the result has been that flight attendants who traveled these routes and sprayed the cabins have developed Parkinsons disease and are now suing the airlines they worked for.  What should we expect this time around, and does the corporate world never learn?  Read more here.




Children see 9 dolphinsThis image was used in the video below about forests (see here) to demonstrate how conditioning changes our way of seeing.  Most adults see a pair of intertwined lovers, but if you focus on the small dark shapes you will see the forms of dolphins jumping and swimming.  A popular alternative media personality, Zen Gardner, recently wrote of having spent 27 years with The Children of God, later called The Family and The Family International.  CoG had communes in many countries; its members practiced "sex with Jesus," pedophilia, prostitution, and birthed thousands of babies (presumably "children of god") who were indoctrinated in the same.  

The alternative media community is becoming divided in its support/indictment of Zen (see a view here).  The point of this post is to draw attention to the power of sexual conditioning, as discussed at length in Jeanice Barcelo's 2016 Free Your Mind Conference presentation here.  CoG/The Family is recognized as a cult, with a long list of corporate aliases by which it operates around the world as religious groups, NGOs, publishing companies, etc.  Yet a systematic early sex-conditioning of society's non-cult children is being deployed in schools, children's media, and even chemically by way of endocrine disruptors and hormone mimickers found in household products.  What would CoG children see in the image shown here, and how long will it take for ordinary children to fail to see the dolphins ...?

Chemtrails conspiracyQuoting the New York Times: The goal ... is not so much to change the minds of hard-core believers, but to provide a rebuttal -- the kind that would show up in a Google search -- to persuade other people to steer clear of this idea.  Steven J. Davis, a climate scientist at the University of California, Irvine, said he had the idea for the study after a conversation with a salesman at a mattress store.  When the man found out what he did for a living, Dr. Davis said, "he had very serious questions about what we were going to do about the chemtrails problem."  That darn salesman!  Look what you did!  Dr. Davis said that when he got home he searched the internet for peer-reviewed studies on the conspiracy theory, but found none.

So the plan is for a survey (called "a study") of 77 scientists to be highlighted on Google such that newcomers to the chemtrails issue will be dissuaded from looking into it.  Note that the "peer-reviewed study" is a SURVEY, and the only thing that could have been peer-reviewed would be that such a survey was indeed done -- rather a flimsy undertaking, which does not qualify as "science" per se.  Thanks to the powers that be and Google, this study will now pop up EVERYWHERE!  Read more here and here.