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Being vaccinatedHere is a table prepared by the CDC that lists vaccines by name and their ingredients.  Please note the prevalence of formaldehyde, fetal and embryonic tissues and cells, monosodium glutamate, detergent, aluminum compounds and a variety of fats (lipids) and proteins.  No secret is made of the fact that these materials are injected directly into our bloodstream WITHOUT encountering the protective barriers and agents of our Th1 immune system (body's gateways/portals and digestive tract, including sneezing, coughing, vomiting reflexes and mucosal clearing).  Direct encounter with these materials (not to mention all the others) over-triggers the Th2 (antibody) immune system, as the body "perceives" the Th1 system has failed.  Listen to my interview with Ingri Cassel of for more.