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A simple 15-minute video by archaeologist Chris Hardaker  (also see

Okay ... we have all heard about the sudden mass die-offs of so many kinds of ocean life -- washing up on beaches, floating in offshore waters -- huge numbers all at once.  What is this from? people are wondering.  Fukushima?  Here's something you might not have known about: U.S. Navy warfare training ranges just off our coastlines (Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, including Hawaii).  Rosalind Peterson of explains the experimentation with different kinds of weaponry -- chemical, sonar, radar, explosives, radiation and more.  America has been told this is in the name of homeland security and a great number of marine animals will suffer as a result.  Can't be helped, folks!  Below is "The Big Picture" map of the Navy's training range complexes (click image for enlargement):

US Navy Warfare Training Range map

"Take" is the Navy's word for harm to living things, including their death. We have seen mass herding and asphyxiation from lack of available oxygen, mass stranding of single species onto beaches, cetaceans (dolphins) that are deaf and unable to navigate.  Note that overfishing of the oceans accounts for starvation of many species along the marine food chain, and the proliferation of plastic debris entering our oceans is causing for more deaths (ingesting plastic instead of food), as well as reproductive disruption.  Here's the story about the Navy (click image and click the video on the linked page):

Rosalind Peterson click to go to page

Very few people know about primary water.  This is our REAL source of water -- made deep underground by hydrogen and oxygen combining under pressure.  The water we wring our hands about up here on the surface of the earth is secondary water -- the result of rain/evaporation cycles.  Primary water renews itself, yet ordinary people cannot access it even if they know about it because -- the catch! -- deep wells are required, and governments claim that which is beneath the land beyond a certain depth.  Still, some primary water makes its way to the surface ...

Scientific American: A recent study documented the presence of vast quantities of water locked far beneath the earth’s surface.  That study confirmed "that there is a very, very large amount of water that's trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth… approaching the sort of mass of water that's present in all the world's oceans."

Two interviews below, and also see The Primary Water Institute and

Interview from 1985 with Dr. Stephan Reiss, who coined the term "primary water," and some interesting facts:  Secondary water or surface water is contaminated water, mixing with the land and its minerals.  Primary water, by contrast, tends to be much more pure.  An inch of rain wets the ground one foot deep.  Yet this is only 1/3 of the water used by what naturally grows; primary water is the source of the rest.  No rain has ever penetrated deeper than 30 feet.   Nuclear radiation from above-ground events cannot affect primary water.

Now here's an interview with Ed Archuleta, the man who re-designed water use in El Paso, Texas (a desert town).  It's a story of good intention filled with cutbacks, restrictions, citations, reclamation, worry, guilt, water rights and scarcity thinking!  All this is necessary when you have no knowledge of or access to the earth's primary water.  Yes, you must use water twice or more; catch, save and clean the drops you can.  This is our modern Agenda 21 training.  (Kudos, nonetheless, to Respectful Revolution for their efforts to film noble Americans.)

Read the story of East Porterville, California, a rural city with shallow private wells that have now run dry.

Actually, very little needs to be said about this one.  Get ready for a cool new world order -- actually, it'll make your life so simple and fun with all kinds of new apps to train that dumbed-down brain!  Is it actually mind control? (Here's a fun game for you: Count how many times she says Actually!)  At the very end, when she looks all dazzly and is swinging her head from side to side, she is making text with her mind.  The message says:  I am now typing this text with my mind.  Mind control gives me the freedom to be playful or meditate without ever swiping, clicking or speaking out loud.  Isn't' it cool?  (Unfortunately mind-control isn't perfect, for there is actually a typo.)

Daniella Two SpiritsMeet Daniella Two Spirits Mendez.  "I was born a baby but socialized male.  When I was fifteen I began a gender transition to female.  I thought that was going to be the answer, but it was the beginning of a long journey -- of Daniella Two Spirits."  At 21, Daniella got C-cup implants and began to perform in drag on stage.  "When I turned 23, 24 I was going through a midlife crisis.  I thought maybe this isn't for me."  So Daniella had the breasts removed (implants, that is), and that sent her into another tailspin.  "I was mourning the death of this person I had worked so hard to create."  Here's the kicker: "Now I don't want to say I am a woman or I am a man. I am a human.  I need to have the best of both worlds.  I need to feel complete as both."

So Daniella was featured on the plastic-surgery TV show Botched, starring reconstruction doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, to see what was available in the way of pec implants that would enable her to "express as a male one day and wear a push-up bra to express as a female the next day."  Most unfortunately, there is nothing in the surgical world so far to satisfy this desire, as pectoral implants cannot be properly fitted in Daniella's chest on account of her previous breast work (too much of her real pec muscle is missing), but the transhumanist wizards may come up with something soon!

Daniella embodies male/female blending in a whole new way. "I've accepted in my mind that I am two-spirited and I want a body to match it."  Gender is now about spirit -- how you feel, not how you are -- and you have the right to feel different things at different times.  Mix 'n match -- express your spirit as the mood strikes you!