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This personal story, featuring a car imported to Australia by one Scott Bartle, reveals that what we believe to be our "government" and its "agencies" are in fact corporate entities staffed by individuals posing as public servants.  The documentary below is not only interesting and in some ways hilarious, it is compelling ... and should make you wonder if departments of your own government, wherever you happen to be, are listed somewhere as private corporations.  If so, their demands upon you are being made without proper authority ... how do you think our lives would change if everyone knew this?  (For more, listen to my podcast with Anita Whitney.)

Antony Cyril Sutton, author of America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, gives an overview here to a group of "early Americans"!  He explains Hegelian Dialectic in these terms: "If you want history to progress, you have to have conflict."  A static world is no fun, folks, and listening to this interview you will see why we really do not have a "two-party system" -- so many men who took opposite stands in Democratic and Republican politics are from the same Skull & Bones club (each year's 15 chosen members become a "club" with an ID).  So playing opposite sides of the spectrum (thesis/antithesis or problem/reaction) keeps bringing us new developments in the form of synthesis/solution ... toward "the creation of one world."  Big names in the way of S&B members: Harriman, Taft, Bush -- our presidents and their bankers.  Conspiracists are those who operate in secret, and the membership of S&B is kept secret since its formation over 150 years ago.

Turmeric powder and rootThis is the simplest and cheapest way to get your teeth looking nice and white, even though you might not want to try it at all!  Turmeric root is chewed in Third World countries and people there seem to have admirable white teeth, despite not getting cleanings at the dentist every six months or bleaching and applying veneers, as so many Americans do.  Bleach (peroxide in over-the-counter whitening strips) does not seem to do the trick and those strips are expensive!!  The professional gel provided with the expensive tooth-whitening trays your dentist molds for you contains fluoride, which further damages our enamel.  So what to do as you age and those chiclets of yours turn beige and even tan-colored ... especially if you've been drinking coffee or tea or red wine or even smoking?

Easy!  Turmeric powder can be found in the spice section of any grocery store ... Simply designate a toothbrush your Turmeric Toothbrush and dip it in a bit of powdered turmeric (at least 1/8 teaspoon); then brush your teeth like you normally do.  You can put some toothpaste on the brush first as a "carrier" for the powder (helps it to spread).  Some say to brush with turmeric for several days in a row and watch the whitening begin, but another way is to alternate brushings with your Turmeric and regular toothbrush -- don't even use more powder, just your usual toothpaste, with the T-brush -- which will be stained bright orange -- and when this stain wears off use the powder again.

Over time, you'll be very pleasantly surprised.  Your teeth will brighten up impressively!  Keep the program going, and develop your own tricks.  Some people brush in the shower to prevent spatters on towels and clothes.  Turmeric stains fabric unforgivably, which is why anyone who has cooked with it might get freaked out by the idea of putting it on already bad-looking teeth, but there's nothing to fear except those unfortunate fabric stains.  (Can be washed or scrubbed from sink enamel and non-porous countertops ... Wash your lips off very well before you dry your mouth after brushing!)  A helpful web post with a homemade toothpaste recipe is here.  You can try chewing the root (available in some grocery stores), but you end up swallowing it (for other nice health benefits), so it's hard to keep the bits on the front of your teeth where you want it to do its work.

Cassandra, age 17, had a lymph-node lump in her throat that was biopsied at a hospital in Hartford, CT.  Although not certain as to whether the lump was cancerous or not, and refusing to do a second biopsy, doctors ordered her to start chemotherapy, which she did not want to do.  Cassandra explains in this interview with Ty Bollinger that she feared the health consequences of chemotherapy, but being a minor, she was made to submit to the state of Connecticut's decision -- which was to send police to kidnap her (12 squad cars) and to restrain her to a hospital bed and flood her body with chemicals.

Compare and contrast ... The Cyber Berkut hacking group claims to have discovered this in-studio footage of the throat-slashing of James Foley on the phone of a staffer of American politician John McCain.

ISIS James Foley comparison

Read more about this here.  A longer YouTube of the studio footage is below: