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Rebekah RothMonika GaynoeProfessor Jim Fetzer and research colleague Allan Powell discovered an interview/discussion featuring "Monika and Michael" of pHix Your Health (as in the pH scale used in chemistry).  "Monika" sounds remarkably like author Rebekah Roth, a retired flight attendant who arrived late last year on the 9/11 scene, enthralling truthers with her version of how the planes were diverted and where they went.  Fetzer and Powell analyze segments of Monika's recorded voice and comment on what appears to be a parallel and very busy career -- if indeed Monika and Rebekah are one -- in massage (to the NBA, no less) and essential-oil therapy.  Notably, Roth's novel(s) contain mentions of DoTerra oils, with a special endorsement at the back of the book (Methodical Illusion page 289); and I learned from Roth herself that she had majored in biochemistry in college, as "Monika" also did.  "Monika," however, never talks about being a flight attendant, and while it is entirely possible for people with full-time careers to create extra income by selling multilevel products, what is "stunning" (as Fetzer would say) is the uncanny match between Roth's voice and speech patterns and Monika's -- down to the soft, silky little chuckles.  Word has it that Roth flatly denies being Monika.

While looking around some of the pHix Your Health links I found Monika's last name to be spelled "Gaynoe" (not Gaynor) and therefore used it in the original title of this post.  However, now I can no longer find that spelling on the Internet, and is gone, along with all the BlogTalkRadio shows the team did on health and essential oils.

Monika's partner on the pHix Your Health show (see video below for excerpts) is someone called Michael, who may well be Michael Harris of KTYSMedia, her publisher.  Harris wrote a novel himself, called Windsweeping, and is pictured on the back cover as well as on his website (click here).  Harris looks just like Monika's show partner, and lives in Washington state, as does Roth's heroine Vera, with his wife KoreAnn.  The K's in Rebekah, Monika and KoreAnn are notable. Earlier this year, the KTYSMedia site featured only two books, Windsweeping and Methodical Illusion; today Windsweeping is gone.  However, Barnes & Noble lists the title as published by KTYSMedia. Michael may also be Ramjet, Roth's co-host on her current radio show, and for all we know, he may be Roth's husband, as well.  Roth's first novel mentioned the odd term "windsweeping" as the favorite activity of Vera's deceased husband; it refers to "driving a high-performance vehicle with no particular destination in mind."  Lots of coincidences to ponder!

Update: December 26, 2015 - Rebekah Roth answers some of the challenges thrown at her.  In this video, she documents her career as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines as KoreAnn Ashlie, establishing by doing so that she is married to her publisher Michael Harris. She states that she did study chemistry and biochemistry in college, although she did not graduate. She is doing a new podcast, presumably with Ramjet, who might also be Mr. Harris; she would like her response video to go viral, so here it is for your contemplation:

David, Kim and Zack Dortch

As of early November 2015, optometrist David Dortch and his wife Kim, along with son Zack, have disappeared.  Dr. Dortch was to be tried by the Riverside County (CA) District Attorney -- please see Podcasts page (David Dortch interview, 10/25/15) for much more information.  The Dortches did not appear in court in Murrieta on November 20th for their trial call hearing; their attorney does not know where they are.  (Read more here.)  Dr. Dortch's office staff does not know where he is either; the house the family was occupying no longer contains their personal effects, so it may well have been a voluntary departure.

James Corbett delivers a proper analysis of the world's most adept environmental acrobat: Climate Change.  Drawing from the wisdom of science philosopher Karl Popper, this is yet another theory that explains everything (and therefore nothing).

This video by Grindall61, a keen analyst of Agenda 21 and its ever-expanding reach, links federal grant money to the militarization of San Bernardino and the recent shooting that took place there.  Especially listen at 5:25 and onward: in order to keep federal grants, exercises and drills must be conducted.  Wherever there are "mass shootings" these days, drills are taking place in the same vicinity, which puts response teams close by and at the ready.  Local communities are increasingly being controlled by federalization that comes with financial incentives, followed by specific federal directives.  All this falls into the scope of corporate federal government with a pyramid of incorporated local entities arranged beneath it.  All activities/interactions involve contracts and money.  Listen to this interview for more; learn about federalism here.

The MS Fladen is a restored lightship now moored in Stockholm.  Lightships were ships with very tall masts that served as lighthouses where land-based lighthouses could not easily be built.  Between 1831 and 1972, 37 lightships were stationed around the Swedish coastline; Lightship N10B was decommissioned in 1967, and today, renamed and re-done, it rests here.  See more at and for an amazing panorama, click here or on the image itself!

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm