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Okay, we've all heard about how HDL is the good kind of cholesterol and LDL is the bad cholesterol, and people with "high" cholesterol need to raise HDL and lower LDL.  Well, from this short interview with Dr. Ron Rosedale, we learn that HDL and LDL are not even cholesterol -- they are PROTEINS that transport cholesterol to and from the cells.  (FYI: Proteins are used by the body to rebuild the cells and also as "taxicab" transporters of substances in the bloodstream.)  HDL and LDL stand for high-density and low-density lipoprotein -- i.e., not a fat but a kind of protein).  Cholesterol is itself an important precursor rebuilding/repair molecule manufactured in the liver, essential in the making of new cells and actually recycled when it is carried back in its "used" form from the cells.

Why doctors believe HDL and LDL are actually cholesterol is surprising.  Additionally, doctors think that because LDL takes cholesterol TO the cells it is BAD, and because HDL takes cholesterol AWAY from the cells it is GOOD!  Thus the medical community actually seeks to lower and raise LDL and HDL with pharmaceutical drugs, which only impairs the body's efforts to repair and heal the cells.  A person with high LDL is someone whose cells need cholesterol for repair and rebuilding purposes, so lowering the number of cholesterol transporter cells (LDL) would only limit this!  Listen to Dr. Rosedale's frustration as he explains in the following YouTube excerpt of an interview with Dr. Mercola:

We have been hearing about the Shemita -- a Judaic seven-year cycle that completes itself with a catastrophe.  Examples: 9/11 was a Shemita year, as was 2008 when we had a financial fiasco.  2015 is another Shemita year, and the seventh of seven cycles, so we are being told to "get ready" (see this YouTube).  Here is the PBS story of what happened in Argentina -- once the richest country in South America ("argent" means silver):

This documentary was made in Britain, but much of what it has to say applies to Americans, as well.  Please watch to better understand what our "legal fiction" self is and how it attaches to us throughout our lives -- if we let it.

Feeling sorry for fat, sluggish dogs with owners who say there isn't anywhere to run them or time to go for good, long walks?  Perhaps we can show our dogs how to do this ...

If you begin by watching the YouTube below about Scott Bartle and his car, you will want to know more.  In this extended interview, researcher Joyce Rosenwald lays out what has been done to America over the last 100 years.  We are abiding by regulations made by entities that have no authority to rule us, as the "real" United States of America and its representative government vanished in 1871.  Take this information in stages -- the YouTubes are short, but there are 15 parts.  Joyce has deep knowledge and great common sense.  And all we need to do is say NO, she says.  (Visit for more.)