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The documentary Globesity is very worth watching.  Horrifying to see people the world over consuming so much junk that their bodies are ballooning and their stomachs have to be stapled.  What this film reveals is the predation of multinational corporations (e.g. Coca Cola) who target the biology of the malnourished, to whom a calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from.  People in the Third World grew up starving -- calorie deficient; knowing this, the multinationals have made high-calorie, low-nutrition products easily available and affordable in these parts of the world so the undernourished will embrace them as "food."  Sadly, satiety is what their bodies are after, not nourishment (which comes with experience and education in a world that offers both) ...

It can walk (a stealth walk, so cute!), run (even cuter), hop a tiny bit (aaahhh), pose, flex its arms suggestively, stomp up and down stairs, pretend to dance ... Ohmygodweluvit!!  With an adorable child-like voice, here to serve and entertain us (do the kids think there's a man in there?):

The video below was put together by Sinead McCarthy.  In it she asks, "What happened to children?" Truly, our times are changing ...  For more shocking stuff, read this, this and this

We continue to argue about the destruction method used on the Twin Towers in 2001.  Here's my own theory: Controlled demotion by explosives in the exterior frame, and mini- or tactical nukes in the core.  The 9/11 event was a continuation of the Manhattan Project, begun during WWII to produce the atomic bomb.  However, the Manhattan Project did not shut down: it continues to this day in the form of radiation biology studies and experimentation.  (See "From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: Living in the Manhattan Project)

Back in the 1970s, the towers were designed and built in a novel way, with two steel frames: an interior steel core that was hollow and interlocked steel assemblies on the outside.  Their broad-daylight future destruction may have indeed been part of the plan.  Regardless, the pulverizing power of nukes has been known since the 1950s.  Nuclear devices placed in the World Trade Center towers' cores would by themselves have taken down the buildings, but if demolition by explosives was also employed -- with charges placed in the external steel frame -- this was what would be seen on video and by anyone who was there.  The demolition wave, the squibs ... so of course people would be saying, "It looked just like a controlled demolition!"

The point being, one method was the VISIBLE method, but not the necessary one.  Nukes were the HIDDEN method and really did all the work.  Why both? Because nuclear detonations release dangerous isotopes and the human population continues to develop cancer.  Conventional explosives would become the safe cover story for a nuclear attack in America.

WiFi signal in physical formHere's an MIT recommendation: Create your own experiment to show what wireless microwaves look like in physical form ... Coffee cans and a bit of electronic know-how are all you need.  Watch the video below if you aren't apt to do this but still want to see what surrounds you in our modern world. Remember that the effect of frequencies on cells is registered as a physical force.