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Homeschool by David Dees

Please note: Mandatory vaccination is enforced by way of the child's legal fiction identity, registered by parents with the schools; thus the child is receiving government "benefits."  (The gubmint has recently determined that vaccines come with that benefit.)  In other words, "they can only vaccinate the Straw Child."  Visit to learn more; also see this link.

Dinner by David Dees

Mega-regions coming to this country, forget about the way we've been doing things!  Check out (here's the map).  What's it all about?  Efficiency and fascism, according to this quick video summary, featuring Andres Duany, architect of "New Urbanism."  (Watch the full video, "Seven 50 Workshop with Andres Duany.")

Dees 10-15-15 Syria

Mike Williams interviews Anita Whitney, my favorite source for what is and lies behind the corporate web we are all wrapped in.  A very enlightening interview, although it is also a relaxed discussion.  Corporations are predatory legal entities that living human beings are serving in the high hopes that they will be promoted and prosper.  Please listen: