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A fine rant by Dane Wigington of!  American schoolchildren are being told a story of "the last snowball" (that packs properly into something you can throw) being a thing of the past because ... global warming has changed the snow!  Oh me, oh my.  As Dane says, our children are being taught to accept what is actually artificial snow caused by chemical ice nucleation.  NASA, the agency that goggle-eyed us with false stories of the moon landing and what have turned out to be digitized pictures of space, is now holding contrail contests and fairs for schoolchildren so they will come to see particulate-laden artificial clouds as normal and fun.

Why is it that planes flying from South America (Santiago, Chile, for example) to Australia (Sydney, for example) take such a long route (15,000 miles) and refuel in North America or Canada?  Also, South America to South Africa (Capetown) and also South Africa to cities in Australia?  Thousands of miles out of one's way ... St-rrr-aange!

Qantas 747s Fly By Antarctica:

Finally, the moment is dawning, but those who organize and speak out about geoengineering/weather modification are, of course, being marginalized.  "The underground movement [that's us] has more than its share of critics [you can say that again] -- scientists who dismiss the weather-control claims as pseudo-science, conspiracy-theory talk without reliable evidence," says CBS.  We also learn that atmospheric scientists are theoretically opposed to monkeying with the weather.  The hitch is they don't believe it's "currently happening"!

Well, illegal or not, it's being done.  Here, at a medical convention, undercover video is taken of two abortion doctors in Texas discussing how they perform ultrasound-guided breech abortions so as to keep fetuses intact and not harm the skull or brain.  The price of "specimens" is also confirmed, with words of awe expressed by the young doctors for the field of "development."  Reported on more fully at InfoWars website, read the outraged comments.  It might be helpful to remember that the professionally trained often drastically separate themselves from the reality of what they are doing -- a definite problem for humanity, but a fact of our technological age nonetheless.

Harassment by the state (a loose term for government, courts, agencies, et al.) of innocent people and confiscation of their property, which includes their children, involves a chain of services that require payment for their "work."  Plenty of well-meaning Americans are employed in this chain and perform duties they believe are in the best interests of others, OR they simply take their orders.  Regardless, the people of America are being fleeced of billions of $$ as they attempt to defend, recover and restore their lives.  Here, blacklisted lawyers and judges confirm that the "justice system" alters and fixes evidence and court proceedings, and conducts secret hearings (conspiracy) to support rulings that harm innocent defendants.  Judges have given themselves immunity, along with lawyers and social workers who commit perjury; "they have made themselves into an aristocracy."  Behind all this corruption is federal money, plenty of it, borrowed from the banksters -- bribes and grants that subsidize "certain things they want to see happen."  Control of our children is one of these.