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Well, the long-awaited debate was more of a "deflate" as Professor Fetzer failed to debate David Weiss's many Flat Earth points at all.  The arrangement of one person first, followed by the other, consisted of Weiss for the first 30 minutes during which he hammered his way through 80 slides at breakneck speed -- an array of astonishing information which will take the neophyte many weeks to wade through and fully understand -- or reject.  The show is already amassing views like honey does flies ... over 3000 in just two days so far.  Weiss became a Flat Earth proponent after he deleted emails and shunned those who were trying to bring this discovery to him, and is now deeply addicted to finding new facts and explanations of things that "aren't possible on a ball Earth!"  The list is long, but it is a list that Jim Fetzer believes to be tautological (Google this) and with "calculational mistakes," stating that Weiss's "ideas ... are logically possible alternatives that introduce different complications and complexities" ... whatever that means.  Do listen and watch for yourself: