Think TV

Harassment by the state (a loose term for government, courts, agencies, et al.) of innocent people and confiscation of their property, which includes their children, involves a chain of services that require payment for their "work."  Plenty of well-meaning Americans are employed in this chain and perform duties they believe are in the best interests of others, OR they simply take their orders.  Regardless, the people of America are being fleeced of billions of $$ as they attempt to defend, recover and restore their lives.  Here, blacklisted lawyers and judges confirm that the "justice system" alters and fixes evidence and court proceedings, and conducts secret hearings (conspiracy) to support rulings that harm innocent defendants.  Judges have given themselves immunity, along with lawyers and social workers who commit perjury; "they have made themselves into an aristocracy."  Behind all this corruption is federal money, plenty of it, borrowed from the banksters -- bribes and grants that subsidize "certain things they want to see happen."  Control of our children is one of these.