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From Jon Rappoport (read full post here):  The public, and most medical professionals, are awed by the whole concept of genetic sequencing.  What people don't realize is that it can be completely theoretical.  [They] begin with a fragment of RNA [that they] assume is part of a larger new virus -- an unproven assumption.  [They] lay out the genetic structure of that little piece of RNA [but more is required to] fill out the sequence of the whole virus. This additional information is taken from data bases.  These bases contain miles of sequences that have already been established---rightly or wrongly. Sequences of other viruses.

[They] now select all sorts of genetic sequences from the huge database. [They] hook the sequences together, AS IF they were already connected and real... They weren’t, but [the researchers] pretend they were... [Thus] the genetic sequence of the virus...ismade to look like a one long code that was there all along.

Every good magic trick works this way. The magician makes the audience believe he is performing one smooth operation.  But he isn’t.  He’s taking all sorts of detours.  The whole purpose of the trick is to inspire awe.  In the lab, the same principle applies. The researchers SEEM to find one long genetic sequence of the whole virus.. This is called IDEATIONAL construction.  [They are] hooking up DATA... [They're] not stringing together pieces of material.  [They're] stringing together pieces of data from genetic databases.