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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

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Exactly right ... see this post by Bill Willers, a biology professor.  Quote:

The lockdown was never really about a pandemic.  Covid19 was just the pretext.  Bill Gates himself admitted (in an unguarded moment?) that earlier SARS and MERS were more “fatal,” i.e., more lethal, than Covid19, yet they came and went without crashing the economy.  But more than just the economy, it was day-to-day existence as we all live it that was a prime target of the lockdown.  Ending the lockdown tomorrow would not counter the damage already done.

We’ve been psychologically mauled, and there’s no end in sight.  Warnings of “spikes” and of future waves come daily.  Yes, countless jobs and businesses are being lost, but it is the devastating psychological impact that permeates society throughout that is inescapable.  The emotional and spiritual damage will not be healing anytime soon.  As intended, we are disoriented and will be for decades as the “conspiring internationalists” ... prepare us for a life according to their globalist design.