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Dr. Bill DeMossHere's an unusual healer for you!  Free spirit, surfer, chiropractor Bill DeMoss is in Newport Beach, California, but he travels the world to speak and also holds the annual CalJam Festival to enlighten us all to what's really going on in the world. Fearless, frank and fired up, he is bent on awakening the world to chemtrails, GMOs, dangers of vaccines, etc. and how to get bodies in tune with themselves.  The nervous system runs the entire body, and the spinal column is the path for all those critical signals.  I heard Dr. DeMoss being interviewed by Dr. Mercola (listen here), and immediately wanted to do an interview.  The DeMoss way of caring for people is definitely unique (not taught in chiropractic school), and its success rate is very high.   You could call it an energy mechanism ... see more at

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