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Steve De'akSteve De'ak came up with the 9/11 Crash Test project in 2012, in the manner of the highly popular Mythbusters demonstrations at test facilities.  Why not obtain a Boeing wing, fill the tank with fuel, place it on a rocket sled and run it into a steel box assembly built just like those on the Twin Towers?  Strangely, Steve's idea has not taken the 9/11 Truth movement by storm, as he expected it would.  In this show we discuss the history of the Crash Test project (see video links for more), and the step-by-step strategy Steve has come up with toward the performance of what would be a very revealing event.  9/11 Crash Test Project is now an official non-profit in Washington state, with an engineering firm on board to perform the Finite Element Analysis (one of the steps) for the crash experiment.  My hat goes off to Steve for his unrelenting stamina, his own expenditures of time and money, and the clarity of his vision.  Visit the website, on Facebook here.  Watch the videos (first one here) for more exciting clarification.  And contribute to the measly goal of $35K to get this done!!

Listen here