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Cell phone shields

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Dr. Jennifer DanielsIn this interview, Dr. Jennifer Daniels explains her game-changing "Candida Cleaner" protocol, based on the age-old but little known (to us) use of turpentine as a whole-body therapy.  Yes, pure gum spirits of turpentine, commonly used today as a high-grade solvent, was a health remedy known to American slaves and eastern Europeans for its ability to eradicate parasites and actually build health.  Dr. Daniels stumbled on it as a family practitioner in Syracuse, NY; then she tried it herself and has never looked back.  Her pdf, The Candida Cleaner, now available for free on her website, demystifies what is known as "candida overgrowth," which is actually the result of a body experiencing too many dying cells.  Yeast (candida) is a fungus that feeds on our dead cells; parasites (along with chemicals and radiation) are what kill our cells.  Turpentine therapy chases out the parasites, which we in the "civilized" world are actually loaded with.  Don't worry, I ask Dr. Daniels lots of questions about this parasite-cleansing process, which definitely takes some courage to begin.  Also, gum spirits of turpentine come from the oleoresin of pine trees (see here for more); mineral spirits (also a solvent) are petroleum based. Jennifer Daniels can be reached for personal consultations at; she has also authored books and given many interviews (which I highly recommend for more on her personal story!).  I wanted to plumb the depths of candida and turpentine in this discussion, but I plan to have her back for more.

Listen here

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