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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

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Anita WhitneyAnita Whitney's second interview with me to explain more about our corporate government and the Uniform Commercial Code system that runs our lives through our Straw Man legal-fiction identity.  We are corporations ourselves, and unknowingly present ourselves as such to other corporations (e.g., police, banks, courts) and agencies with which we make contracts.  Contract law, introduced to us by stealth, now supersedes common law and Constitutional law: contract law runs our lives, and by affixing our signatures (our instruments of contracting) to pieces of paper, we sign away our rights!  "Legal" is different from "lawful," with real laws being very few in number, compared to hundreds of thousands of legal codes and statutes -- written by BAR attorneys who, it turns out, are not licensed by our states, but are members of a private dues-paying union known as the British Accreditation Regency.  Our undoing is that we contract without the full disclosure that lawful contracts always offer.  Learn a lot more at Anita's website and the links below.

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