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Getting on a roll with the corporate government material!  The wonderful Mike Williams of Sage of Quay Radio invited me to convey new thoughts about what our "local" governments might be doing by way of commerce and contracts ... and once you begin to process this, you have insights galore!  Let's rethink Sandy Hook, which we have already figured out was a DHS/FEMA Integrated Capstone Event: what are DHS and FEMA but corporate government agencies operating through and by way of contracts?  How is all that housing for immigrants being paid for in European countries, while Europeans themselves are being economically disenfranchised?  The New World Order Agenda 21 (now upgraded to Agenda 30) is refacing our world with digital money doled out in contracts.

Then there is our own legal fiction, created by way our short-form birth certificate, which is activated when we sign contracts with corporations and agencies.  Lots to wake up to here, and more resources listed below, all of which are very user-friendly and worthwhile!

"Child No More": Early Teen Emancipation article

"Straw Man: The Nature of the Cage" documentary

Joyce Rosenwald Parens Patriae YouTube interviews

What the FUQ: Frequently Unasked Questions of the Australian Government documentary

"Lawfully Yours" User Guide pdf