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Anita Whitney Many of us have heard about our government and country being a corporation. It appears that our local towns and cities are all corporations too. What does this mean and how has it changed our lives? I knew about the "corporation thing," and I had also heard about the CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) disclosing mountains of funds held by towns and cities who are telling us they're bankrupt.  (What the hell?)  In this interview anti-vaccine activist and legal advocate Anita Whitney describes how she discovered the real nature of present-day government, on all levels, which is no longer representative but commercial.  It began in 1871, when the United States corporation franchise system was born, which today includes all of our towns, cities and public agencies.  These entities are incorporated, which means there is no more representation of us -- the public -- but only a competition for corporate grant contracts -- in other words, Agenda 21 and New World Order projects and programs that are hurtling into our lives, paid for by the elite with billions in fiat money that every city wants more of!  What is the CAFR but a stash of earmarked funds, accepted years in advance of project completion dates, untouchable and set aside!  Every person elected to or hired by incorporated cities and agencies is a corporate officer or employee who must strictly adhere to the nature of corporate business, which is all about money and profits.  As long as government is commercial, electing ourselves into local office is not going to help things.  Learn a lot more at Anita's website and download her government-as-corporation flyer here.

Listen here (actually, before you start, my guest wants you to listen to this short clip)