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Ole DammegardThe last show I did with Ole got some surprising and very positive reviews!  So we scheduled another chat, in which we discuss the pain and pleasure of being alive in today's world.  Here, Ole expands on his personal philosophy to introduce us to another tactic that can deliver amazing results.  I am fond of finding names/terms to identify certain things so we can refer to them later, and in this show I describe Ole's second all-powerful suggestion as "the group multiplier effect" -- an extension of the neurolinguistic programming I seized on and labeled in our previous show.  From the passion, gentleness and courage that remain central tenets to Ole's way of being (despite his specialty in world assassinations), you will learn about their power to direct "the user" through the maze called Life to exactly the right destinations.  I was greatly inspired by what happened in this interview.  Visit Ole's website at; subscribe to his great newsletter and get one of his books!

Listen here or on YouTube