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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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I o d i n e

Lugol's Plus iodine

Great daily supplement
for body regulation!

Nascent and Lugol's

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glossy postcards

Chemtrails Fact Sheet small

Big, beautiful, full-color
10 facts, plus websites for info!
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Dr. Nancy Banks' Nancy Bankspost-medical-practice oeuvre is the astonishing book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, which will set you straight on a number of things: among them, the reality of the condition called "AIDS," the phantom HIV virus and the concept of oxidative stress underlying disease.  It is also perhaps the only book that overlays history, imperialism and economics with medicine in a way that becomes predictive (e.g., the Ebola epidemic).  A Harvard-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, she understands biochemistry as few MDs do, and gives an interview here that may be technical in spots but will give you a new understanding of viruses, cells, governments and history that definitely should not be missed!  Dr. Banks' website:

Listen here or on YouTube