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Joseph AtwillGetting past orthodox "religious studies" takes you into a whole new world! In this interview, Joe Atwill explains to me the guts of his radical book and film: Caesar's' Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus.  Christianity was a political tool (or mind-control method) to create serfdom or feudalism, just as the counterculture so many of us are dismayed by is a form of mind-control to create what he calls "neo-feudalism."  The Gospels (strangely written in Greek, not Hebrew or Aramaic) appear to have been created after the events they supposedly predicted, and the New Testament figure of "Jesus" was really someone else (I won't give it away) ... Thus the Second Coming has already come and gone!  This is a lot to wrap your mind around, but Atwill's steady, lucid way of relating it helps tremendously.  As for the "new" feudalism, engineered by MKUltra and psychology experts, it began with the 1960s turn on, tune in, drop out ... (see Dave MacGowan interview below), and the zombification of youth today is well on its way, right alongside the blissful positivity of the New Age.  See for more

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