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Jim NicholsHere's an interview that takes us to new places! Jim Nichols' background is in art, and his subject and passion became UFOs. In his words, he was on board with "conventional research" about aliens (what does that mean?) and then, four months ago, he had to redraw the map entirely. Our paths crossed when he became interested in my talks on YouTube, and our conversations (something I said, he tells me) made him veer in a whole new direction and stumble on (drum roll) what the Powers That Be are really up to. I will make you listen to the interview for this, but just know that it has to do with bending space/time and creating portals. What? you say ... Jim discovered that the roots of NASA were deep in the occult, as were those of the Manhattan Project. Not a big surprise. What is new here is that science can apparently be used to access the occult ... and I will leave it at that. Jim's web essays can be found at and a newsletter I wrote that might be of interest is here.

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