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Darrell HamamotoHis specialties are media, pop culture, sexuality and cultural analysis and he is a senior professor at University of California, Davis, in the Asian-American Studies department.  As I see it, there is no one with keener insight than Darrell Hamamoto on immigration and the future of America.  Immigrants are "aspirationals," he tells us, high on hopes and dreams.  In spite of this, and perhaps because of it, there is a menticide going on in the U.C. system -- part of the greater eugenics strategy being implemented at all levels of education.   In this broad interview, Professor Hamamoto explains weaponized homosexuality, the concept of "2-L" (second or virtual life), and the economic plan in the works for Asian-Americans, who will soon be our new professional class.  His new book, "Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America" (August 2014) analyzes the landscape and history behind all this.

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