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What is personality?When patterns form, they begin to create "personality."  Whether we are talking about individuals or events, a "character" begins to emerge out of what no longer looks so random.  The wise psychologist Allisone Heartsong ( put forth that we all have a choice as to how we perceive the events of our lives.  Consider this:  The future contains ALL POSSIBILITIES.  Right?  Anything can happen in the future -- thus, the future is the house of all possibilities.

Allisone (pronounced like three words: All-Is-One), who died on November 8, 2008 at the age of 80, sagely pointed out that it is our choice to (1) affirm or (2) negate the events of our lives, thus setting the tone of our experience here.  Whether we are humans having a spiritual experience or spirits having a human experience, the quality of the experience is greatly affected by our attitude toward it.  If our life consists of Past, Present and Future, the way we regard/evaluate/feel about it can be broken down into two basic categories: positive or negative.

The Past:  If we feel guilt or resentment about things that happened to us, we are basically negating the past.  Affirming the past is to feel grateful for what has happened, in that it has made us who and what we are.

The Present:  Negating the present is to feel angry about what is happening.  Affirming the present is to feel joy.

The Future:  Negating the future is to fear it.  Affirming the future is to look forward to it -- feel excited about it.

All of us have a choice about how we regard the past, present and future.  One spectrum (blame, anger, fear) negates, while the other (gratitude, joy, excitement) affirms.  Negating the future by fearing it does not allow much room for the positive possibilities held by the future (which hasn't happened yet).  It is also possible to re-condition yourself to view events differently than you have -- called "perspective."

The Self

Have you ever wondered about what makes you into YOU?  We conclude that it must be our collection of experiences and the way we have interpreted and drawn from those experiences.  It's obvious that some people are able to handle what life "hands" them with more grace than others.  Why do some people end up in prison and others contribute to humanity in amazing ways?

Do people create the paths of their lives?  Certainly we have a choice about how to respond to our lives, but some would argue that the unfortunate among us are so debilitated by forces beyond their control that they no longer have the capacity to choose -- only the capacity to react.  Whether that is true or not, let's look at something very interesting.

The Left and Right Brain

Brain hemispheresWe know of these hemispheres functioning as the logical (left) and the intuitive/creative (right).  But neurologist V.S. Ramachandran has other discoveries.  It appears that one side holds our belief system, and the other questions it.  Have you noticed that many people have "two sides" to their faces?  You can draw a line down the middle of a face and see that one side is more neutral looking while the other seems "down" or sad.  Look at your own face in the mirror -- any difference between the two sides?

In the video clip below, Dr. Ramachandran works with stroke patients who have suffered injury to the right side of the brain.  The patients tell him outlandish things and firmly believe them.  Watch for yourself:


The condition is "anosognosia."  What Dr. Ramachandran derives from his experiment is that the left brain seems to create our "reality" -- including our illusions, delusions, assumptions, denials and even "lies."  Our right (intuitive) brain provides the checking of all this in the effort to keep us properly navigating in our lives.  Here's something to think about:  We are being influenced to become increasingly left-brained.  Our creativity, individuality, spontaneity is being removed from us.  Even children are regulated as never before, with toys and activities that "teach" and encourage them to conform.  What is happening to our BEINGS?  That part of us is disappearing as we become conditioned by media and follow engineered trends.

Our right brain is deliberately being capsized.

We are increasingly becoming part of a HIVE -- all thinking and acting the same way.  If the right brain is our creative side, then somehow today's culture is diminishing its abilities and rendering us more and more hive-like, or left-brain controlled.  There is nothing to check this with, as the right brain loses its "voice."  As the Ramachandran video mentions, the left brain creates DENIAL.  It also uses HUMOR to defend itself and the failure of the right brain.  Have you noticed that few people in our society challenge the stuff the media puts before us (they don't question), and these same people rely on humor (e.g., ridiculing conspiracies) to defend their acceptance of a false reality.

Intellect comes into play here, too.  Many people who are "educated" and highly intellectual refuse to lift up the rug and look underneath it at all the deceptions "conspiracy theorists" are trying so hard to point out.  What has happened to their minds that prevents them from even WANTING to know?  It's a very left-brained response to say, "If that's true, why isn't it being talked about by the media?"  Where is everyone's intuition ... don't they SUSPECT anything is wrong?

Facial Symmetry

Bill ClintonIf the left brain controls the right side of the face, and the right brain controls the left side of the face, try observing how faces move when you talk to people.  Is one side of the face dominant?  Is one half "pulled down" or depressed-looking?  The left side of Bill Clinton's face in the image to the right does appear to be sagging somewhat.  (If you skipped the video above, President Clinton's facial expression during the Monica Lewinsky affair is addressed in it.)

Take a look at your own face.  If it's symmetrical (very little difference between the left and right halves), perhaps it means you are in balance -- that your vision of reality comports with who you are on a deeper level.

Through seeing what we do, we see who we are.  Or, through seeing what we do, we see whom we choose to be.  You could be much more than you actually do in real life ... many people have dreams that they chew on like a pipe stem, but never bring into fruition.  Why?  Most do not even know where to start.  The small platform of actions we permit ourselves is a very small part of who we are.  There are people, though, who keep leaping into the unknown and become bigger each time.  Could it be that our "two faces" reflect a partitioned reality -- our actuality and our dreams?

Our personality becomes the combination of our realized and unrealized selves.  Society is like a farm -- with fences and pens for its flocks (we, the people).  It is very good at relegating us to roles, positions and limitations that we unknowingly agree to.  Human conditioning.