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Florida has long been a receiving ground for international exotic animals (also called "the pet trade").  Imports of dangerous, non-native snakes like the Burmese python have proved to be disastrous, as this species has now become wild and is reproducing madly, while feeding on all kinds of creatures, including deer (specifically fawns) far larger than themselves.  A record event is described in this article (watch the video as well).

Thanks to Commerce and Contracts, our world is rapidly changing ... 

Burmese python







Great news on the Taylor v. Twitter lawsuit!  Jared Taylor's Twitter account was shut down last year by the supposed free-speech giant, and he sued Twitter for censorship (see here). "Our lawsuit is not about whether [my client] is right or wrong," said Mr. Taylor's lawyer in February.  "It's about whether Twitter and other technology companies have the right to ban individuals from using their services based on their perceived viewpoints and affiliations."

Twitter and censoring

A California judge has now ruled that Twitter [and potentially others] can definitely be sued for falsely claiming they allow free speech.
 The judge declared Twitter's ban of certain users "at any time, for any reason or for no reason" may be an "unconscionable contract" for a company that advertises free speech.  The judge dismissed Twitter's Motion to Dismiss in the Taylor case.  Read more here.




A very disturbing report from bird experts who were not wireless-savvy to start with.  Diana Kordas and her husband have been traveling through Greece and birdwatching for the past 20 years.  In the spring of 2017, they visited northern Greece ... Diana writes: "We observed one significant change since our last visit in 2014.  Many new cell towers have been installed and wireless coverage has increased exponentially.  Highway corridors and major towns are now 4G/4G+, as are many beach resorts.  In other vicinities which are still 3G, there are only a few areas with poor or no coverage.  [This is] primarily due to Greece's mountainous terrain.

Red-faced warbler


"We saw far fewer birds on this trip than on any other visit to the north of Greece.  In some areas like the Nestos Delta, Porto Lagos, Lake Ismarida and the Evros Delta, there are virtually no birds at all.  Most of the birds we did see congreated in areas of weak or no reception.  Our observations suggest that small birds are more affected by ambient cell-tower electromagnetic radiation levels than larger birds, and there were nowhere near as many warblers, finches and small waders as we would have expected to see based on past experience and birder guidebook entries.  Some species of bird were entirely absent, or represented by just one or two [individuals]."

Read this thorough and heart-rending report here.



White-collar crime expert Bill Black gets into the drawbacks of investing in and purchasing with cryptocurrencies:




A retired postal worker has built a greenhouse in Nebraska that blows underground air (always 52 degrees) into the interior, and also makes use of the southern sun rays .. growing oranges, grapes and all kinds of produce all year long.  Cost is only $25K to do this!




From LifeKreationz YouTube channel:



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