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Cell phone shields

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The Hebrew letter shin (ש), Satan's trident (three-pronged weapon of choice) ... depicted in a spreading of the fingers featured in paintings of nobility throughout the ages and in today's photos of influential people.  Watch this video (turn off the music, is my suggestion) and read more here and here.




And more!  A wonderful synopsis by former Hollywood insider Jon Robberson of the evolution and dark doings of our envied movie culture, which so many children and parents (on their behalf) would love entry to:




Many different kinds of singers have performed this powerful song, written in 1932 by Mexican composer Augustin Lara.  Here's one from the other side of the world doing a great rendition -- Korean tenor Wookyung Kim -- along with an entirely Korean orchestra:





The father and stepmother of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer appeared on Larry King in June 2004.  (Lionel Dahmer's book A Father's Story is worth reading.)  Video footage of the insanity trial is shown here; the court ruled that Jeffrey Dahmer was not mentally ill.  Today the ruling would have assuredly been the opposite, given what we have seen in the spree of recent mass shootings.  Some things to consider: Jeffrey, a young man with hidden homosexual and necrophilic habits, was enlisted in the military by his parents. Was he profiled and trained? (See Dave McGowan's book Programmed to Kill.) Also note the real reactions/emotions of victims' families in court -- unlike the ready "forgiveness" and crocodile tears of victims' parents shown by the media in recent years.




The mother of the Hampstead children:



Is Alisa embedded in this Audi commercial (aired during the Superbowl)?



 Interview with Jeran of Jeranism:




A head-straightening address by Andrew Breitbart to an indoctrinated college student:



Note: The college student is using a voice called the "false feminine" (see author Carol Gilligan, In a Different Voice, pdf article here), which is not an authentic voice, but a childlike substitute developed in adolescence.  A YouTube on how this physically works:





A YouTube commentator with the channel pocketsofthefuture, whose background is in counseling, explains how Hollywood corrupts our hearts: