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Cell phone shields

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The Dark Agenda of
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This documentary-style thriller made in 1950 pushes smallpox-vaccine propaganda.  Quite fascinating!






Known as "the Dutch banker," Ronald Bernard spoke out about the pedophilia network recently.  Here he tells his own story at greater length.  According to him, there are around 8,500 people who run the show, and they are operating interdimensionally, which is how they connect to Lucifer.




Lots of details from Stefan Molyneux and some interesting commentary:



Here is the full outtake from the U.S. Open (coaching tip can be seen at 2:00 minutes):





We need to confront our fellows who push GMOs, wireless radiation, vaccines, aerosol spraying and other poisons on humanity in just this way:




We all know that insomnia is on the rise and sleep deprivation can have disastrous results (e.g., mistakes and accidents).  This talk by Matthew Walker gives you all the surprising details, but even more interesting is a mention in Dr. Mercola's recent newsletter about sleep: 

Quote:  Healthy sleep consists of several stages, and you cycle through these stages four to five times during the nightly sleep cycle. As a result, you're progressively descending into deep sleep and ascending toward lighter states of sleep several times, and this cycling is tremendously important, both from a biological and psychological perspective.  

During stages 1 and 2, your brain remains active as it begins the editing process where decisions are made about which memories to store and which to discard. During stages 3 and 4, you enter into a deeper, almost coma-like state, during which the actual physiological cleansing and detoxification processes in the brain take place.

Your brain cells actually shrink by about 60 percent during this deep sleep phase. This creates more space in-between the cells, giving your cerebrospinal fluid more space to flush out the debris. Lastly, in stage 5, you enter rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, where dreaming takes place.  All of these stages are important, and it's important to cycle through them enough times each night — especially the deeper stages. When stages 3 and 4 are missing, your brain gets clogged with debris associated with Alzheimer's disease and, indeed, sleep deprivation is a risk factor for severe dementia.





Analysis from Paul Romano: