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Cell phone shields

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Money expert Bill Still gives us a great recap on the system, and shows a real U.S. note -- not a Federal Reserve note!  This is legal tender in America, and created without debt.  Must see (time code 7:15):




 Exploded smart meter


Once in a while a huge power surge of thousands of volts will travel through electricity lines right into homes.  Analog meters are grounded, meaning they have a copper bar inside that connects to the ground rod beneath the dwelling.  Smart meters have no ground, and cannot do a thing to protect you from a giant power surge.  Here's an article describing what happened in Stockton, California, when a truck hit a utility pole and wiped out 5000 homes.

Quote: A power surge left thousands without power in Stockton on Monday after smart meters on their homes exploded.  [The surge was heard] as a large pop, a bomb going off, and strong enough to shake a house. 



Known as inclined bed therapy, this is catching on like wildfire.  Rediscovered by Andrew Fletcher, a British engineer, raising the head end of your bed by 6 inches apparently has huge benefits.  We have slept "flat" because it's the norm, yet ancient Egyptian tombs revealed tilted beds, so the idea is not a new one.  Animals also sleep on inclines whenever possible, Fletcher notes.

Raise your bed (head end) using books or pieces of wood -- start with 3-4 inches to get used to the slant.  You'll wake up feeling quite different -- warm and comfortable and energized, and that's the very least of it.  Sleeping tilted greatly improves blood and lymph flow, enabling your body to heal and detox with much greater efficiency.  It seems to relieve everything from psoriasis to migraines, as well as digestive issues and sleep apnea (snoring!).  Perhaps the cheapest, niftiest health boost in the universe!  Read more here.




The richest men are banding together on a space program -- without NASA -- to settle some of humanity (not all) on Mars and the moon.  If you have followed Martin Kenny on YouTube, you will realize that "Mars" is the realm or territory over the Antarctic ice wall, the next one beyond ours.  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Virgin Atlantic mogul Sir Richard Branson are pooling funds "to push humanity towards the final frontier."


Jeff Bezos E.T.


Bezos: "We will have to leave this planet.  We're going to leave it, and it's going to make this planet better.  We'll come and go, and the people who want to stay will stay." He states that our society has to stop growing due to environmental constraints.  He sells $1 billion a year of Amazon stock to fund his rocket company, which is "the most important work I am doing."

They're going over the wall, folks!  And they're leaving us behind ...  Read more here.



Dr. Mercola interviews author Mark Shatzker, whose recent book The Dorito Effect goes into what food companies are doing with flavoring their highly processed products.  It appears from animal studies that natural feeding is driven by taste: animals are seeking particular nutrients at particular times -- they don't just wolf down anything that's in front of them.  By loading processed foods with designer chemical flavorings, our brain is fooled into believing empty-calorie food contains nutrients, and so we keep eating more.

Shatzker also points out that produce farmers have let flavor go for size and visual appeal.  However, he does not connect loss of flavor in veggies and fruits with loss of biome in the soil ...




Click on the image below for Dr. Mercola's newsletter on sunscreens and Vitamin D.  Scroll down to find the graphic that shows Vitamin D synthesis (your body making Vitamin D from sunlight) on a monthly basis in the U.S.  (Although this chart suggests that almost no Vitamin D is made in lower U.S. latitudes during the winter, I have heard otherwise: north of Atlanta, Georgia is the cut-off line for the months of November through February.)

Sunscreens are a no-no, unless they contain only a short list of ingredients and are physical blocks employing non-nano zinc. (The Mercola newsletter suggests that titanium dioxide (non-nano) is acceptable, but I have heard otherwise.  Please see for Bali Bloc sunscreen -- four simple ingredients and totally organic too!  Use on high-exposure areas like nose and chest and knees, but if you want to smear it elsewhere, it's waterproof and lasts all day.)

Vitamin D chart US



Stars are made and the souls within them ruined, not by fame but by the entertainment industry.  Here's what's left of Ryan O'Neal, star of Love Story, not showing much love:


And his long-time flame, Farrah Fawcett, practically anorexic and not sounding very impressive: