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The famous John Baldessari mural in La Jolla, CA with a few additions that pose the question:
How do those lines in the sky affect us?

Brain Cloud w trails

Now see the whole picture!  Brain Cloud by John Baldessari against the real Southern California sky:

John Baldessari mural La Jolla CA

The "clouds" over the ocean are not natural, yet by now we are used to seeing them.  It all begins with those lines in the sky ...

A Covert Operation

ImageThe feathery, streaky things you see in this picture are not clouds.  They are the result of material left in the wake of jet aircraft, and are referred to by government agencies as mere "contrails," but the jet contrails we saw as children never ended up as clouds.  Do airplanes make clouds, Mommy?  NASA would have us think so, but as someone once said, you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

9/11 was a covert operation that birthed the US police state.  While many people -- distracted by entertainment, sports and shopping -- are blissfully unaware that their freedoms are being stripped from them, you would think they might look up in the sky and notice the very strange clouds above their heads.  Not so.  The spraying is in some ways like the emperor's new clothes -- someone has to point it out before we can see it for ourselves.  Once you can SEE, you then begin to NOTICE.

Variations on a Theme

Here are examples of what's being done.  Is this something we should have been told about?  BEFORE they began?  The spraying is occurring on every continent, but no government agencies or officials are willing to discuss it.  "Chemtrails" are denounced as a hoax by the Air Force, NASA, and other so-called authorities.  Whatever you want to call it, it's definitely going on!

 Plane with trail
A plane leaves a trail which fattens and becomes rope-like, spreading into a white mass.

Notice how, instead of dissipating, the trail unfurls and twists like a ribbon.
As older trails widen into layers of "overcast," new trails disperse and create more "clouds."
The sprayed material literally dripping from the sky, descending on our trees, soil and heads.

Prism effects are visible as sunlight shines through reflective and refractive materials.

Christmas morning in California, 2010.  Would "pilots" be this dedicated?  Unmanned aircraft?
Pulsating frequencies create ripples in the layers of "clouds."  Google "HAARP," located in Alaska.
The beautiful Sierras ... by the end of the day the trails will have spread, whiting out the sky.
Parallel lines like this have striped many parts of the world for more than a decade.

They're calling this cirrus uncinus, a
new form of "hooked" cloud.

Man-made Pacific sunset, just gawgeous!